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A podcast exploring the uncomfortable space between who we are & who we are becoming.

About The Reroute


About The Reroute

Detours in life are three things: inevitable, growth-inducing & painful. The Reroute podcast explores the magical space between big changes in, say, a stage IV cancer diagnosis at 24 years old.


A podcast about hope amid change, The Reroute hosts stories for curious humans embracing the unknown, featuring conversations between your host Kasey Altman and everyone from actors, athletes, authors, influencers and beyond.

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Storyteller, advocate, creator, journalist,
Stage IV cancer slayer.


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On The Reroute, Kasey interviews resilient, badass humans about stories of overcoming and becoming. Guests range from influencers to CEOs, authors to athletes & just about everything in between.

Every Wednesday, tune into a new episode of The Reroute. We'll be switching off between guests and solo episodes. To pre-download the latest episodes of The Reroute, follow us on your favorite podcast app. We're on all of them!

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