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About the Podcast

Karli & Kasey are 27 & 24-year old sisters and best friends, with classic yin & yang personalities.


In November of 2020, Kasey was diagnosed with a rare, late-stage cancer. As a result, Karli packed up her life and moved across the country to accompany her throughout treatment.


Although this is a unique experience for any healthy 24-year old, we realized the discomfort of the unknown is universal. It crystalized this truth: detours in life are inevitable. Whether it's heartbreak, loss, an unexpected diagnosis or anything in between, we all experience reroutes and have the choice to either lean in or sprint in the opposite direction. We choose the former.

Our podcast explores the nooks and crannies between life as we know it and life as it will be. You can expect heart-to-hearts with badass celebrities, influencers, entrepreneurs, athletes, mental health advocates and beyond about the events that shifted the trajectory of their lives, reminding listeners you're still on your way, even when it feels like you're lost.


New Episode Every Week

We'll be switching off between our own sister banter and hosting badass guests. Stay tuned for a laugh, cry and healthy dose of gratitude.


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When life forces a detour, trust the reroute.