About Kasey 

Kasey Altman is an intrepid traveler, athlete, writer (publishing her first book in 2023), content creator (75K+), speaker, entrepreneur, advocate, journalist & Googler. In October of 2020, she was diagnosed with a a rare, aggressive, stage IV cancer (alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma) at 24 years old. The Reroute was born as a passion project exploring life's detours, with the goal of making lonely experiences less lonely. It has since swelled into an international hit in 50+ countries, with a historical ranking of #36 out of all personal development podcasts globally, 180+ 5-star reviews and immeasurable impact.



"Kasey reinforces the truth that hard situations chisel away at our being, and although painful, expose pieces of ourselves and our existence that would otherwise remain undiscovered."